The Award Winning Radicle Salad

The Living Salad You Harvest at Home

rad·i·cle (răd′ĭ-kəl) n.

1. (Botany) first root to emerge from a seed

2. (Business) The Radicle Farm Company 

Radicle Farm Company grows salad greens for great restaurants, grocers and distributors in the northeast United States. Our cut greens are greenhouse grown in a specially-developed soil mix that ensures their freshness and vitality.

However, Radicle Farm Company’s mission is to fundamentally reshape the process by which produce is harvested and sold by focusing on living produce.

Our innovation, Radicle Salads, is harvested, shipped and sold alive and healthy so you can harvest your greens fresh at home. Radicle Salads are not “farm-to-table,” they are a farm on your table. The home harvest method ensures our product is always at peak freshness and free of contaminants. With a little water, Radicle Salads can last a week or more on your windowsill.


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The Rad Squad

Our dedicated team works day-in and day-out to bring our customers the best salads possible.

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Christopher Washington

Director of Sales
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James Livengood

Director of Production
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Tony Gibbons

Managing Director
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Silvia Huerta

Farmer Emeritus
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Nikita Pond

Farmer Emeritus
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Roderick Pineda


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